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Presenting "Unified Operation Technology"

Grid Operation, the main electric utility business, includes grid management, asset management and maintenance, and managing the field workforce, normally carried out based on an IT platform, the ERP system.
Handling utility operations needs an Integrated Operation Technology solution, covering grid management -from generation and DER to transmission and distribution, managing assets to maximize assets performance, and efficiently manage field crews to keep the grid in healthy, reliable and stable situations, while keeping economics optimized. RTS Energy, with more than 25 years of experience in industry an utility business, provides a comprehensive integrated utility Operation Technology solution, “Unified OT” covering grid management SCADA/EMS/ADMS/DERMS, asset performance management (AMS), from repository to asset analytics and action planning, and filed force management (WFM) to efficiently implement planned actions fully coordinated with both grid and asset management departments. With more than 10 years of IT/OT integration experience within RTS, the “Unified OT” solution comes integrated with the ERP systems, specially SAP, to insure an integrated IT/OT platform, optimized technically and economically, to provide utilities with best possible practices in their main daily business.

Our Solutions and Services

SCADA/ADMS/DERMS & Smart Grids Applications

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Utility Automation Systems Engineering

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E-Houses & PCT Design and Construction

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Electric Utilities Asset Management Solutions

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Energy Storage Solution for Utilities and Industries

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Utilities "Unified Operation Technology"

Utility SCADA/EMS/ADMS Solution - A "Unified OT" Subsystem

RTS Energy in partnership with PSI AG Germany presents a high-end control system which works reliable even in extreme network fault situations. It effectively supports network management with fault localization as well as fast and comprehensive service restoration.
Our solutions include a uniquely designed, extended client server based SCADA system, designed for medium to mega size grid management projects, and complete collection of transmission and distributed grid applications.

DERMS Integrated ADMS

Volatile, decentralised, and renewable describe energy supply of the future, which poses new challenges to grid operators. The energy generation and consumption must now be intelligently balanced.
The increasing infeed of renewable energies in medium and even low voltage networks imposes additional requirements on the grid operators. This calls for substantially increased automation in all voltage levels.
RTS Energy Smart Grid applications partner PSI AG, offers superior functions for efficient grid management. The enhanced functionality of PSI makes the "Massive Renewable Integration" manageable from grid and market management points of view.
Our solution platform, "PSIcontrol" provides the grid operator with complete control of infeeds from distributed and renewable energy sources such as wind (onshore and offshore) storage, and solar while effectively, efficiently, and proactively balancing load swings. For these tasks, PSIcontrol offers sophisticated functions in order to support our customer to do deal with complex grid management issues. .

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Utilities Asset Management Solutions - A "Unified OT" Subsystem

RTS Energy in partnership with IPS Energy provides a comprehensive, integrated, and open Asset Management solution, “IPS-Systems™ Asset Performance Management Suite”, designed and developed for the electric utility industry, from distribution to transmission level. Knowing performance of your assets leads to improved reliability and availability of the assets and extended lifetime.

IPS-ENERGY™ Core offers electrical power utilities a comprehensive technical asset and maintenance data management. This edition is the basic requirement for the modular database system IPS-ENERGY™ which is our solution for asset and maintenance management.

IPS-EPIS™ stands for Enterprise Protection Information System and offers electrical power utilities a comprehensive power protection software. This includes Data, Setting and Testing Management and Life Cycle Management of Protective Relays.

IPS-SmartGridDI™ Core is your access to our comprehensive Technical Data Analysis and Asset Diagnostic solution. With this advanced package you always have your data in sight or you will be notified when some data are critical or have changed.

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E-Houses and PCT Boxes

RTS Energy’s modular substations or E-Houses are customized, well equipped, pre-tested, and the perfect fit for fast and reliable power supply, especially in rural areas, or for integration of Distributed Generation (DG) energy resources in to the grid. Our E-House solution benefits from our long time comprehensive experience and knowledge in manufacturing and fabrication plus decades of industrial projects, medium-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchboards and busbar trunking systems, plus partnership with known brands in auxiliary equipment.

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Utility Automation Systems Engineering, Integration and Panel Manufacturing

RTS Energy have in house expertise and experience for different utility automation system engineering, configuration, installation and commissioning. These include SEL Labs RTAC platform, Eaton SMP, ABB RTU560, Siemens AK Series and GE Multilin.

We also have 25 years of experience designing and building many types of control panels across a wide range of industries in our CSA and UL certified shops. These include:
- Industrial power monitoring and automation panels
- Railway power system monitoring and automation panels
- Substation Automation and Protection Relay panels and E-Houses
- Medium voltage panels.


Energy Storage Solutions for Utilities and Industries

Proudly designed, developed and integrated in Canada
- 5 years Warranty and 10 years after sales support out of Toronto
- Typical 5 years Return On Investment (ROI) plan
- Developed and built using grade one components from Germany and USA
- Affordable cost and financing possibilities
- Continuous development and system\solution hardware\Software upgrade
RTStorage CI Benefits: .


Leadership Team

Vic Briccardi, Chairman

My objective is to maintain RTS Energy in a technology leadership position to improve our client's operations. This vision will be realized by empowering each of our associates to provide well engineered, innovative, and value added solutions for our customers. My passion in driving Utility operational excellence has resulted in a “best-in-class”, committed, and versatile team of technology and business focused individuals, working to solve todays energy industry problems by applying leading edge technology solutions.

Sivash Jamal, CEO, B.Sc., EE

Twenty years of engineering, entrepreneurship, business development, and technical consulting for smart energy technologies
has taught me to innovate, promote, and satisfy. This means to think out of the box, create new ideas, implement
them, promote your solutions, deploy, support and satisfy your customer, and never leave them behind.
At RTS energy, our philosophy is the same.
We push for new boundaries to create more environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost effective energy related solutions.
We continuously develop new ideas ourselves, or in partnership with leading edge innovators to meet global targets for
the 21st century energy policies. We create reliable, green, economic, and secure energy solutions for everybody and future


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